About Cat City

Introducing Cat City, the imaginary world of cats & kittens!

It all started somewhere. Somewhere, over the rainbow, in the imagination of someone who’s initials are M.M (hint: she’s the creator of this website!). To make a long story short, she was “crowned” mayor of Cat City, made some pawsome friends along the way, eventually creating this website, leading all the way up to you- yes, you- reading this very text. 

About the Cat City News

The Cat City News started sometime early 2020 when I was bored and had just discovered the cuteness of Mochi Mochi Peach Cat. Combined with my love for Cat City, my local news channel as inspiration, and a mind already full of ideas, I created the Cat City News! 

~ if anyone is wondering, I create the Cat City News with an app called InShot 😉 ~

About Me

Hi! I’m Meg Miu, as you probably already know. I love kittens (obviously), drawing and making episodes of the Cat City News for you to watch. I also have a kitten called Teddy! You can see his page all about him here. Oh, and don’t mix me up with Miu Miu, the host of the Cat City News. Thanks! Also, check out my main website, megmiu.com, for more oodles and doodles of fun!